Zalman ZMNC1000B Review Cooling System for Laptop Computer 15 Inches USB x 2 Black

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Zalman ZMNC1000B Review



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best power tools reviews -Efficient, silent and sleek!

It arrived in a huge box, which was somewhat unnecessary, but that is irrelevant now.
The cooling pad itself looks quite well made and it’s the perfect size for a 13′ inch laptop. It has 2 USB ports on the right side and a speed regulating dial for the fans. You will use one of the USB ports to power the pad, which leaves you with one for whatever you might want to plug in.
I have been using it for a week now at various speeds and I consider it very silent, even at maximum. It’s certainly not louder than my MacBook when its fans are at maximum. The pad is made of aluminium which makes the heat disperse throughout the whole pad, which is prevents it from ever feeling hot. I keep the laptop closed, connected to an external monitor, but I have also tried using the laptop on the stand and I find the angle at which it sits to be very comfortable.

I recommend it and you can’t find any better one for the price


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best power tools reviews -For me worked perfectly!!!

I was amazed with the efficency of the device!!!

I’ve had a problem with my Sony SZ series: after a couple of years of intense use it had started to heat up to the hellish temperature and even switch off from time to time after a couple of hours of use. I tried different things from cleaning it up to using different devices and pads widely adverted to help me with that issue, like Thermaltake (which worked poorly in fact, the only use was slight delay in heating up at the begining) After I started to use Zalman’s solution my laptop became more reliable and fast as well as cool, even if using half of rpm of the fan. And it is quite. Although I had some noice at the begining now it is gone and device seems to work perfectly.


Details and Spec is Below:

Brief Description and Specifications:

Active Cooling Pad for Notebook / Laptop Computer

Zalman – Ultra Quiet Notebook Cooler – ZM-NC1000 – Black

Sleek design incorporating a high quality 3mm thick aluminum panel with a fine curvature and great cooling performance. Premium aluminum treated with D.S.A. Surface Processing.
* D.S.A.( Diamond Cutting, Sand Blasting, Anodizing)

ZMNC1000B Features:

15.4 inches
1195 g
330 x 308 x 40
Pure aluminium and ABS plastic
18.0 – 25.5 dBA ± 10%



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