Kensington K62842WW Review Laptop Cooling Stand

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Kensington K62842WW Review



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best power tools reviews -Works a dream

Excellent, works a dream.

The cooling stand is very light and compact, as compact as the laptop itself. The cord which connects to the USB port to power the fans is short and folds away into a compact compartment which has a groove for the cord when the lead is connected and the compartment is closed.

My laptop was over heating regularly when I got this and it has not overheated since. It is not too draining of the laptop battery either, which was something I thought would have been a natural consequence of running it, in fact the battery may actually drain less quickly because the internal fans do not have to run so much. Its an absolutely brilliant alternative to setting the laptop on stacks of books or a stationary stand in the hope that the internal fans will be sufficient to cool the laptop.

Sitting with the laptop on your knee can make for overheating problems and this sorts that out, you can rest the laptop, cooling stand and all on the knee without it being bulky or cumbersome.


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best power tools reviews -Nice simple and cheap

Nice simple and cheap. this still seems like something that can take a few knocks and remain relatively undamaged.
The cable is tucked away in a nice little pocket for when not in use. Once connected to the laptop the fans start working right away.

You can feel them when you place your hand close and it puts out constant cool air.

I ran something that heats the computer up quite a lot and left this on for awhile and though the computer was still warm, it was nowhere near as hot as it usually gets so the fans have a positive effect.

Overall a nice cheap and effective computer stand.


Details and Spec is Below:

Brief Description and Specifications:

Kensington Laptop Cooling Stand – notebook standDual cooling fans promote air circulation for high battery performance

K62842WW Features:

Dual cooling fans promote air circulation for high battery performance
Retracting stand provides a slight upward tilt for your laptop screen and keyboard
Four stability pads help keep the laptop in place
USB cable plugs into the laptop to power the fans
Fabric backside creates a soft finish when using the stand on your lap or desktop



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